Sunday, October 14, 2007

Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina…The Truth is, I’m Really Wimpy

Oh my…
I do hate sighing. It causes one’s shoulders to droop in such a way that communicates, “I’ve nearly collapsed under the superficial weight of my petty troubles, but not quite. I’m simulating braveness and carrying on despite my ridiculous worries. And I am proclaiming my pre-martyrdom with exhalation.” Cue worried looks and artificial admiration, and some applause from the back, if you please.


Last week, I took an unintentional “Bloggy Break”, as Christine called it.

I didn’t get to sit down and write ONCE. Can you believe it? And crabby? Honey! I was tetchy, like MY writing time was being stolen from me by laundry and doctors appointments and children who needed nourishment and encouraging. *sigh*

But I persevered through the Unjust Jungle of Errands and Odd Jobs. I return haggard, in serious need of a haircut and eyebrow wax, and pathetically self piteous.

In truth, it was my fault. Poor time management. Please don’t tell my 10 year old, as Time Management is one of the sermons in syndication around this house. And I, being the Empress of Efficiency—as far as she’s concerned, am the Principal Pulpiter.

So, thank you for your patience. Check back this week as I’ll be regaling you with tales of Flu-Shot-Showdowns and my realization that the delicate flower that is my sister is wrought from iron and still dizzyingly beautiful-the beginning of a difficult and necessary story.
Here’s to Literary Liberties and Blogging Bliss.



painted maypole said...

welcome back. consider me the applause from the back.

and time management? I've been struggling with that myself lately.

Lori said...

Ahh... time management and those inevitable lectures from we Moms who are oh-so-perfect (but not really). I am right now prodding my 12 year old son to keep at his pile of homework that he left until Sunday night to finish. He has more than once said to me, "Why did you let me do this?!?!" The sad lesson of consequences.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Beck said...

I'm glad your back. I have my time fairly well structured NOW, but it took me YEARS to figure out how to get from one end of the day to the other!