Friday, October 5, 2007

Romancing Me with Bug Juice

The babe and I picked the last of the tomatoes Friday morning. There are dozens more on the vine. They are optimistic that they will make it through tomorrow's cold snap. I am a little more cynical.

This has been my favorite growing season in my short life as a back yard farmer.

Mostly due to the "help."

It's been a lovely joint venture between the babe and I, to keep the garden up and growing. While I water, she puts her fingers in the stream from the hose and giggles wildly as the frigid water trickles down past her elbows and soaks her shirt and shoes. I pick the Early Girls and the Lemon Boys , she picks the baby Cherry Tomatoes...and eats them.

I've decided all of her clothes next summer must be in shades of tomato so as to camouflage the inevitable, delicious stains on her belly region.

After our extended stay in the garden, she was so tired (and distended,) that I laid her down for her nap...and then I did the most surprising thing. I made lunch...for me.

I don't usually prepare lunch, per say, except for The Girlie's lunches in the morning and The Babe's lunch meat, cheese, and fruit in the afternoon. When lunchtime rolls around, I have generally just finished cleaning up from breakfast, The Babe is napping, and I am enjoying a few moments digesting the day's blogs. Lunch for me, lately, consists of tracking down my woefully expired mug of no-longer-hot tea and a handful of goldfish.

But Friday, I beguiled myself with a tuna fish sandwich on the patio. The seductive roundness of my fresh, garden tomatoes were the inspiration for the afternoon tryst.

I sat in the sunshine, munching and musing about Slouching Mom 's Post
on the perils of sleep talking...when there came an unfortunate crunch. A bug of unknown color and distinction met his demise inside my mouth. The hazard of fresh, garden tomatoes.


Furrow said...

Those are positively gorgeous. I'd pop one in my mouth, buggy or not. I just found out that my husband has been roasting corn in their husks without checking for worms first. He sometimes finds cooked ones when they come out of the oven. He swears he always gives me the worm-free ones. Yeah, right.

Your little one is adorable. I can't wait to have my own wee garden helper.

Christine said...

i so wish i had one of those tomatoes. minus the bug of course!

painted maypole said...

our garden was a total flop this summer. I am jealous!

Flavia Whitefort said...

I abslutely love tomatoes. I wish i could be green thumb and have a garden.

I am very similar to you with movies which is probably why i miss so many great ones. They stay with me forever and if they are very realistic or too hard to watch, i just don't do.

I guess that is what lends me my fluffiness.

that is the cutest Baby. She has those cheeks that are better than fresh tomatoes.

take care, lesley

Lori said...

What a darling, darling baby, and beautiful picture. You will be so glad to have captured that memory on film someday. And yes, next summer, all tomato red clothes!

I love lunch. It's my favorite meal of the day, actually. I love nothing more than an opportunity to prepare a truly yummy lunch, and then to sit and enjoy it. I'm glad you did (except for the bug!)

thirtysomething said...

Hmmm. Crunchy tomatoes...well, a little extra protein never hurts! Beautiful pick and sweet little helper!

Kellan Rhodes said...

I love home grown tomatos!!!! I'm not a back-yard gardner -but my father-in-law is, so I get lots of them. I loved, "shades of tomatos" for next years attire - cute. And such a cute little helper. Such a lovely post.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

triple ick!

slouching mom said...

She's so sweet.

And your tomatoes look great! Minus the bug.

Catherine said...

Oh, those tomatoes look and sound GOOD! I'm jealous - store bought tomatoes taste nothing like the real thing...

I came here via your comment on Thailand Chani's "Heaven or Reincarnation" question, which so fascinated me that I wrote a post about it. I'd love your feedback - you can find it here


sethy said...

Dang, I wonder how many bugs the babe has embibed from the garden!

Speaking of tea, what are you drinking in the morning? I've been Doing Tazo Awake tea. It wails.

Emily said...

Thank you all for the compliments on my tomatoes. Apparently, the Colorado sun and severe neglect go a long way for tomatoes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my favorite brother: Seth (My girls love getting to tell all of their friends that their uncle is a rock star...)

Oh, dang, Seth! I just had a horrid picture of my sweet pudgy faced girl looking whistfully up at me, pulling her ample cheeks into a wide grin and oozing worm guts through all five of her teeth.
How long 'til babies learn to gargle?

I'm steaping Stash Irish Breakfast tea, these days. However, I enjoy many of the Tazo Teas, chai with a bit of cream being paramount.

Jen M. said...

That picture - that green dress. I would want to stop time.

Emily said...