Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Alphabet Soup

I feel a very unusual sensation-if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude. Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)


Dogged Determination (only sometimes), resulting in



Goals. -This was my 2nd triathlon The first leg was the swim. I decided not to subject dear readers to the pictures of me flapping about in my swim suit. You're welcome.

Haircuts that make a girl feel as if she's lost 10 pounds.

Ill fated love affairs that take a turn and surprise us all. I think a lot of people thought my own love affair was ill-fated, but it is not. We are as smitten with one another today as we were 12 years ago. (Blush. Keep reading)

Junior Mints. I'd like to kiss the person who came up with that lovely confection.

Kissing (see above entry.) I still enjoy a good snog fest on the couch in front of a chick flick.

Lists. I'm a little sad to admit that one.


Nostalgia lent to aromas and flavors and days...that can bring one back to a moment so vividly so that those who are gone are with us again. A bit of magic, I think.

Outages, as in power outages. I love how we always gather around 27 candles in the living room like bears in a cave and wait for the lights to come back on...most especially if there's lightning and thunder involved. (see below)

Polish, as applied to toes and literary works. Anything that causes something else to sparkle.

Quotes. I absolutely love the snippets and sound bytes of things one has said, often in an offhand moment. I think that to speak intelligently, one must first learn to listen. You can quote me on that.

Rolling thunder and lightning, thrashing rain, and inclement weather of all sorts. The first time I knew I was going to be able to make it here in Colorado, was in 2003. We had a massive blizzard that dumped 5 feet of snow in our front yard. We were stuck for days.

Sincere compliments.

Tattoos with a story to tell. (Yep. That's my brother in a....uhm, speedo. Sorry, Seth. He could write you a novel about that tat.)

Un film à l'eau de rose (chick flicks) with apologies to anyone who actually speaks French.

Viola practice...anywhere but home. (Am I right parents? All the culture. None of the headaches.)

Waiting for Christmas morning.

X-rays. My eldest daughter broke her arm on the playground when she was in first grade. She refused to cry or even acknowledge that she had fallen from the monkey bars (because she is incredibly stubborn.) One boy who had watched her fall was adamant that she must go to the nurse. The teachers on the playground sent her just to get him to shut up. When the nurse called, she told me she was doing so because she was required but that my daughter was fine and she would be sending her back to the playground. I asked her to please have my daughter wait for me to take her to the doctor. When we looked at the x-rays, she had broken both bones in her left forearm.

Yawns from the lips of a newborn.

Zucchini that grows so easily in my garden....and taking a break from growing it.
If you participate in this Counting Mercies challenge, let me know and I'll list you here.
Next week's Counting Mercies will be: Youthful Tribute. What about children (yours or someone else's) or your own childhood brings a smile to your face?


Lori said...

Oh, yours is so much better than anything could come up with. Maybe I will have better luck next week...

Baby yawns are the best.

Mary G said...

This is really good! Sincere compliment.

sethy said...

Oh sister, you embarrass me so. And make me smile in a big way. Is it terse to say I love you via a blog comment? Well who cares because I'm doing it. I love you.

Julie Pippert said...

This was excellent! Wow!

And congrats on your triathalon.

Using My Words

painted maypole said...

this is quite lovely. And about your comment around my way... I am so sorry to hear about your washer, but it had me laughing out loud, so thanks for sharing. And I do hope that somehow that can karmically count for my "third thing." Thanks for taking one for the team! Hope you get a great new, energy-effiecent, washer!

Christine said...

due--a triathalon?????

I am am in total awe and worship.

beautiful list.