Monday, December 10, 2007


The Producer and I went to his company Christmas party last night. Aside from one conversation that contained more anacronyms than actual words, it was a very enjoyable evening.

You can't see them in this picture, but I wore a lovely pair of earrings that The Producer bought me a few years ago and a $100 pair of shoes I bought myself a few days ago...and apparently a too light dusting of face powder. My sweet husband told me, more than once, that I was lovely. There is nothing more flattering on a woman than a well worn compliment.

After mingling for a bit, we sat down for a scrumptious three course dinner, during which, I did not get up once to retrieve lost/thrown silverware or to take anyone to "change their bum." Delightful.

Our dinner table partners kept the conversation rolling along at a comfortable pace. They had thrilling stories of their grown children, nearly my age; their extensive travels; their home remodeling projects; and domestic and foreign policy. We sat with the former Director for the FBI and his wife who has just resigned her position at The Department of Homeland Security. They told fascinating stories about traveling to Spain while it was still under the rule of Franco. The Wife kept referencing her dear friend, Laura, (As in the First Lady. It was in that moment, that it occurred to me that Presidents and Politicians must have "dear friends".) My husband, The Producer, and The former Director, discussed the importance of The Director keeping his Top Secret Clearance under his new role at my husband's company....

And I mostly sat there with my mouth agape.

It was an unexpectedly enjoyable evening.

And while the last story was being told, the last cappucino enjoyed, my husband crept to the parking lot to warm the car, so that I would be able to warm my woeful toes in my $100 shoes.


Julie Pippert said...

Don't you love those times when you get to completely lift yourself out of your life? A little thrill, eh. :)

You do look lovely. Not well-worn compliment way, real way lovely. :)

I am always shiny. In my case? I get lots of oil. Sigh. But I reassure myself it's okay because people guess me about ten years younger than I am. :)

And then back to your regular life, which isn't quite a $100 shoe but comfy anyway like a slipper. :)

Using My Words

painted maypole said...

you do look lovely.

and what a night! (oh.. .now I have that song in my head, i didn't mean it that way, but once I wrote it... well, you probably have it now, too...sorry...)

Hannah said...

Man, at times like that I just sit there like a gaffed fish, hoping against hope that I don't have spinach stuck in my front teeth.

You are both gorgeous.

And isn't it marvellous, that uninterrupted grownup time? Did you find it hard to eat at a leisurely pace instead of vacuuming everything down in six minutes flat? That's always my thing when I'm out in adult company. None of those people will need a diaper change, I suppose.

the dragonfly said...

You look great. And it sounds like a wonderful time...sometimes I pray for just adult conversation, but that is above and beyond!

Furrow said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I find that I'm never wearing enough powder or mascara in pictures. And my hair is always too flat. I don't know how that happens because I have really big hair.

B and I will have some adult time this Friday night when my mother watches Zo for us. I have no idea what we will do with ourselves. Probably sleep.

Lori said...

You DO look lovely! That sounds like fascinating conversation, and a deliciously grown up evening.

Christine said...

you look so pretty!

and i have to bring our kid's to my husband's work party. that just means LOTS of chasing my 3 year old around making sure he doesn't break anything!

i'm glad you had a great time.

Emily said...

You know, living here in England, I think ALL the time about the Queen. Who are her dear friends? Does she call them to complain about her day? Is there a Starbucks at the Palace where they can meet for coffee?

Love seeing the picture, btw.