Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winter Woe

“There is neither heaven nor earth, only snow, falling incessantly” -Author Unknown

I have been given more time to get to know my new computer. My children are honing their sledding skills as well as their hot cocoa and cookie tolerance. My husband is working from home. And The Babe has been tooling around the kitchen island on her new pink tricycle.

We are snowed in.

Our travel plans delayed, we are making the most of our time. I have done every stitch of laundry. All of the little bugs and viruses we've been harboring and ignoring through Christmas have run their course and have been banished by vitamins and clorox. Good riddance. The floors are clean. Steaming mugs of tea warm the innermost chill that creeps in when the door is cracked to let the dog in or a child out. Order is being restored after the mayhem of Christmas morning.

And now, I am so stir crazy I think I might be suffering from one of those clinical conditions brought on by severe cold, like terminal burrowing or stupor. I'm beginning to think our house could benefit from the addition of 12 or so more rooms. I've decided the five of us (and Nate) need several more square feet between us, and that my housemates have developed some annoying habits over the warmer months that have only just surfaced now that we are so snugly nesting.

For instance, Nate has an annoying habit of shaking his head violently every 36 seconds or so. Granted, it's not his fault. He has an ear infection (that stinks of Limburger...also annoying,) and as I can't get him to the vet in the snow before our journey to visit family, he will have to wait 'til we can go and see my Dad during our extensive travels. (My Dad is a veterinarian.)

My 10 year old has had laringitis, which has kept her (mostly) out of trouble, but also out of the snow. She has a loose tooth which, if the Tooth Fairy has any decency at all, may come out tonight in her sleep, so the house might be spared from the awful nails-on-a-chalkboard sound it makes when it is wiggled compulsively and scrapes against an abutting tooth.

My 9 year old asks questions because the answer reminds her of the question. For example: The Producer remarked that it felt a bit chilly in the house. He checked the thermostat but said it was 70 degrees inside. My 9 year old then asked, "Is it 70 degrees inside or outside?"
This is the sort of thing that wouldn't bother me if we weren't all crammed in the living room like bears in a den, rubbing up against one another and breathing the same air.

Tomorrow, it is more of the same. The snow will taper tonight and sweep through Kansas and Nebraska. And we will wait for salvation in the form of a snow plow...And I'll have to break the news to my Mother.

In the meantime, how was your holiday? What are your plans and resolutions for the new year?
I plan to get on with our trip and to laugh heartily with my brother and sister, as per usual.


Julie Pippert said...

Ohhhhh that is rough. It's never good to spend too much time in one's own home. One begins tearing things down with a waspish air. Or maybe that's just me.

Sorry you are stuck...and with an ear infection there (ooh ick, stinky cheese, made me LOL---mine oozes ick) and loose tooth and sick...

But at least it's clean, and it's together-time and P&PTs you GET OUT SOON!


Using My Words

sethy said...

more than anything, mom's going to be pissed you're using bleach to clean your house. gasp!

bring me some snow when you come. I'll make you a hot toddy in return. I hope you're ready for the best of times!

the dragonfly said...

I posted a comment...but blogger ate it. Lovely.

Essentially I said I hope you can get out soon, and then I rambled about being stuck in the house because of surgery. Yuck.

Hannah said...

I can only imagine. We finally got out today - we weren't storm-stayed but instead inflicted with a terminal case of "too-much-Christmasitis" only to suffer Isaac's first ever screaming public meltdown. I'll be posting about it tomorrow. But suffice it to say in my current state a cheesy dog, tooth-wriggling 10 year old, and pointlessly questioning 9 year old sounds almost pleasant.

flutter said...

time to knit, yes?

slouching mom said...

funny how being inside loses its charm so very quickly! but it does. there are only so many games of scrabble one can play...

Lori said...

Yeah, the whole "snuggled together warm and cozy" gets really old, really quick.

We enjoyed our foray into snow over Christmas, but are happy to be back on our milder side of the state.

Hoping you get out soon!!