Monday, November 12, 2007


You know what I hate? Blockage. Constipation. Build up. Word stumps.

I'm feeling stuck. Ugh. (See. I just typed letters that aren't an actual word...merely gutteral noises.) I think I am suffering from writer's block...or something related to it that is far less glamorous.

I think it may be the all consuming domesticity of life right now. My washer has died a fiery death, replete with smoke and electrical smell, and so our laundry sits in ever expanding mounds. I'm going to require cramp ons and pick axes and a well thought out pair of shoes to get to get to the bottom by the time we have figured out whether to invest more money into the dang contraption that has broken down for the third time in it's four year history, or if we should bite the bullet and buy a replacement.

Meanwhile, I have packed all of our fall decorations away...a full week ahead of Thanksgiving. I couldn't stand the clutter anymore. This is a little disconserting, as my varietal pumpkins and candles in ochre hues only breathed the the fresh air for little more than 4 weeks. But they are gone, and I have wiped away the dust and situated the furniture so that my mind can breathe again, and hopefully receive the inspiration of the coming holidays on a clean slate.

I apologize for *dumping* this on dear readers, when I am scheduled to be writing about what I am grateful for. Youthful Tribute. I'd like to reschedule, if I may.

And on an overtly ironic note, dear Julie Pippert has honored me with a Thinking Blogger Award. I am alternately humbled and embarassed by her generosity. Humbled because she is one of the great and thoughtful writers in this medium and to be singled out by her is a lovely distinction. Embarrassed because of my current and unsightly affliction. That and she is so fluent and has probably not ever uttered the words "writer's block." In fact, I was just perusing Emily's latest entry, where Julie remarked on her difficulty of "...thinking in quantities of 1200 words or less. LOL"

So, I'm off to indulge in your words for a while. If you have any advice on how to whet my pen (keyboard just doesn't sound as good) and conquer my dry spell. Please direct me.

With gratitude.