Friday, April 11, 2008

3 am in Melbourne

The Babe and I were sitting down for lunch. I watched her gnaw on my slice of pesto pizza. She pulled off the Artichoke hearts first, proclaiming them to be noodles and devoured them as her very favorite. Then she ate the "apples" which are really sun dried tomatoes, then the feta, saving the pesto for last, licking it the same way she eats her bagels.

In between bites, she warbled along with Patty Griffin's Making Pies.

And my heart swelled.


It was 3 am in Australia where a blogger named Jen Ballantyne has returned to hospice. She has terminal cancer.

She also has a beautiful little boy, named Jack, and a way of looking at the world that inspires peace.

Jen is facing her cancer with grace that breaks my heart. She held her son until he fell asleep last night and then returned to hospice where she will be cared for over the next day or so, while they try to get her pain under control.

If you have a moment, pop over and wish her well.


Jen Ballantyne said...

Thank you for posting this my sweet, I appreciate it so much. I have found your blog and I am so very glad I have, it is a wonderful read and I shall pop over here a lot I am sure. Thanks again, take good care, Jen B. xxx.

painted maypole said...

on my way to melbourne....

Lori said...

Oh no.... This made my heart sink and brought tears to my eyes.

So many tragedies in this little world. Thank you for sharing this story.

Bon said...

thank you for the link to Jen. and the gastronomical tour of pesto pizza through the tongue of a wee person.

Christine said...

oh that poor mama. you have such a big, kind, good heart.