Thursday, April 17, 2008

Touche, Winter. Touche.

Remember all of that, "Warmer weather has made a triumphant return..." from my last post? Yes, well, I'm full of crap.
Ah. Spring in The Rockies.
I know this season changing thing happens four times a year,
but I am no less enraptured.
*These photos were taken yesterday in my back yard.*


Lori said...

Beautiful shots- but don't you find that the whole snow thing kind of wears thin somewhere around, um, say... March? I mean, really! It's April for goodness sake!

I have to admit though that I have very romantic notions about Colorado. I have no idea if they are right however... having never been there.

Magpie said...

Damn. It is really acting like spring in NYC and surroundings.

flutter said...

I still find it beautiful

sex scenes at starbucks said...

April sucks here, no question. But May...May is coming and May is better here than any other place on earth.

Mrs. G. said...

I'm sure you are ready for some serious sunshine, but these photos are lovely. Peaceful and serene.

Julie Pippert said...

Sorry, but oh so pretty. Especially us who miss it, and are in the subtropics.

Anonymous said...

I let my snow stay home from school today because it was -10 out and I REFUSE to unpack his snowsuit from the storage bin. Yeah, I suck. But spring snow sucks even more.

Though it looks pretty, I'll grant you.

Anonymous said...

Not my snow.
I've got snow on the brain.

painted maypole said...

oi. yuck.

the dragonfly said...

Yes, they are beautiful pictures...but I truly understand impatience for spring. Almost one year ago (a couple days from now) we had weather in the eighties.

Right now it's 39.


Christine said...

oh, that sucks. i am DONE with snow!