Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Like That

Did you feel it? The shuddering pause followed by the bone crunching jerk to a halt?

One of my favorite bloggers has called it quits.
Her colorful blog replaced with an understated white page that simply reads:

I'm calling it quits. Thanks for reading.

Alpha Dogma, you will be missed. My laptop would wear a black arm band, if it had arms to band.

I suppose this means it's safe to peruse blogs whilst sipping on a beverage once again, as the blogosphere just got a little less funny and the likelihood that one will spew water (wine, milk, orange juice, and -once- hot tea) through one's nostrils has been diluted.

I can't bring myself to take down her link on my side bar, lest she come to her senses and realize that the world is a cold dark sink hole without her witty exegeses on celebrity baby names and her unapologetic crush on Colonel Brandon.

My favorite bit of AD witticism actually came on Christine's blog last November, during NaBloPoMo, when she had inadvertently pressed publish on a blank post. AD left a comment that said, "OK, I'm beginning to feel like we NaBloPoMo-ers are gang banging the rest of the blogosphere. I feel dirty."

And now I'm off to drown my sorrow.

P.S. My blog is officially one year old. Thank you to all of you who have stopped by periodically or click over every time your reader shows I have dribbled something new on my keyboard. I really do appreciate you all.