Monday, October 13, 2008

A day in the life::Morning edition

Today. Today, we are playing along with Mrs. G's Average Day.
My average day usually begins yesterday. Ever since The Babe was born 2 1/2 years ago, I have a super hard time falling asleep and staying that way. I am usually writing, reading, or flipping through infomercials in the wee hours.
Mornings are my favorite. I love the colors in my house bathed in the early morning light (So much so that I can overlook the fingerprinted windows, carpet crumbles, and the thin layer of dust that's inevitably illuminated.) Here are some hilights from this very morning. Notably not pictured are my 2 elder daughters. The first part of the morning is consumed with lunch making, teeth brushing, adolescent bathroom territory disputes and treaties (replete with thrown elbows), last minute parent signatures on school forms due last Thursday, etc... Photos were not taken until after they left for school. Whew.

Early morning snow melted on the petals of the roses leaving them jewel encrusted.

And the fog lent an appropriately October spooky air to the morning.

First breakfast She's very serious about Sesame Street.

Always waiting for me.

Thankfully so is this.

A little early morning channeling of one's inner Monet

Time for second breakfast...