Friday, November 21, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

  • Outlines. Sometimes a bulleted list is all you can muster. And that's ok, right?
  • Yoga Pants. When one is feeling lazy due to the thick mucus lodged in her chest and the resulting fever, there is nothing better than Yoga pants to comfort her body and her mind. She is not a good for nothing camped out on the couch with no intention of leaving this house. She is wearing Yoga Pants. And Yoga Pants fairly scream activity/fitness/movement.
  • Warbling Cats. Last night was the much anticipated opening and closing night of the production The Aristocats. Even with all of the hype that has been buzzing around the Front Range and the interweb, those fifth graders DID NOT disappoint. I laughed. I cried. My Darling L put in a stirring performance as Georgie the Lawyer/An Alley Cat while our eldest daughter worked feverishly back stage. (Notably, my eldest daughter does not have a blog moniker. If she ever found out that I had called her "My Darling A" or anything along those sappy lines, she would likely slap my face and then DIE of embarassment on the spot. Any suggestions?)
  • Creamy, Fat-Filled Organic Yogurt. My sister introduced me to Brown Cow Yogurt this summer. I cannot get enough. Isn't it interesting how they can take a healthy, low fat snack like yogurt, infuse it with all natural flavors (like Maple Syrup), schmear it with a generous cream hat and sell it to unsuspecting housewives who think, "It's yogurt. It's organic. It's good for me. I can eat it by the bucket loads with no adverse affects on, say, the size of my thighs."
  • Sympathy Snuggles. I really don't like being sick. But I do enjoy the excuse to drink an extra gallon or two of hot tea each day. And I do enjoy the way each of my girls (there are 3, in case you're trying to keep up,) tuck their chin, look at my pale, feverish face through their eyebrows and then press their bodies up against mine as if to donate their body heat to the cause of getting well, sooner.
  • Herbal Remedies. And I do mean actual herbal remedies. I'm not slapping a mustache on some unfortunate Desperate Housewife jones. I've just put a few dropper fulls of wild cherry, clove, thyme, elderflower, and peppermint in my tea. Though I am also hopped up on Advil Cold. It's all about balance, right?
  • Holidays on the Horizon. Now, could we get some snow, already?
  • A Freshly Shampooed Corner of the Couch. And that's where I'll be for at least the next 48 hours, hoping my children stop by every once in a while with a snuggle, a throat losenge, and fresh mug of tea.

Happy Weekend.