Thursday, August 20, 2009


For the last three days, my eyes have popped open like kernels of corn precisely at 6:42 am, a solid eighteen minutes before my alarm. I lay there in bed a mouth breathing trout with popcorn for eyes, flopping to the other side, turning my shoulder to the sun. But even if I were to stitch my eyelids together, those eighteen minutes of slumber would elude me. For whatever real world reasons, I am Awake.

My darling girls went back to school this week. Long on legs and opinions, they are striding ever forward into the tide of school schedule and assignments, (and girl drama, I tell you. It's coming. I can feel it.) A Baptism of scholastic tasks. And so I started thinking, with my girls beginning the full descent into principle and regiment, why I don't I take myself to task? Am I even capable of setting my mind to an assignment and following it through all the way to completion? I think that part of me might still be in bed; sleeping in some shadowy corner since the mid nineties.
Let's face it, this space, my virtual square footage, could use a little principle and regiment. So, because I am endlessly inspired by these ladies and these ladies and because I have an eastern facing window and a camera (and apparently, an extra eighteen minutes in the morning,) I am commissioning my early morning photographer. I will be taking one photograph for the next 30 mornings and posting it here. I can't guarantee that they will be perfect compositions (or even good compositions.) I can't even guarantee they will be terribly, terribly interesting, probably a lot of photos of my breakfast and my garden because those are the things that protest the least as I click off frame after frame trying to steady my hand.
But even Georgia O'keffe saw the importance of living in the small moments of life. She said, "When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment."

I am taking my world in my hand and really looking at it.
Mornings 1/30


Furrow said...

I wake up every morning before my alarm. Then I tuck it under my covers and hit snooze four times.

Girl drama. Eek!

Mary G said...

Nice shot; I like the long morning light. Somehow it is different, less dense perhaps, than sunset light.
Looking forward to your daily photo. Me, I can't even rise to four a year. We have an old barn up the road that is quite picturesque and I have been having good intentions about making a collage of one photo per season. You are inspiring me to actually do it.

Anonymous said...

you get to sleep till 7?!

I have not used an alarm clock in FIVE YEARS!!!

flutter said...

7 am? that's an actual hour?

painted maypole said...


i set my mind this week to get my lawn and garden into shape, and after over 10 hours of work (in the hot Louisiana sun) have reaped great benefits. I'm not about to win any "best yard" awards or anything, but it looks WAY better (and I lost 2 pounds in the process. Bonus!)

now, if I could just focus that same attention on the INSIDE of my house...