Friday, January 15, 2010

A new photography project.

Looking at day to day life. Finding bliss. Mining the ordinary. Contemplating beauty I might otherwise overlook.

This is an exercise in being content even as I move.Capturing moments at home. Home. And the importance of it.

Breathing the expectant air.


flutter said...


KHall said...

The simple is really so beautiful through your eyes.

Jodi Anderson said...

In all honesty, I find the greatest beauty and sacred in the simple, mundane, naturally beautiful things in our lives.

Your post is a perfect example of this. Thank you. xo

Furrow said...

Those cookies look delicious. I love the little preschooler legs, too, and the adolescent eyelashes, and just everything.

Christine said...

um, i could DEVOUR those cookies right now....

Woman in a Window said...

Is that you? IS THAT YOU?

Yes, let's slow down and see it all, recognize it for what it is: a gift.