Monday, March 8, 2010

Thin Skin

There is maybe nothing so compassionate as a pear. Easily bruised but sure of itself in the state it's in.

Domestic (A Project::4)


Woman in a Window said...

It is all woman, isn't it.
Pretty pear.


g said...

Wow. Pure.

Furrow said...

And mushy but surprisingly gritty.

I like how you make me see things.

Christine said...

lovely photo! come visit me next fall--we have TONS of pears from my little pear tree. plenty to share.

niobe said...

There's something about pears that, y'know, terrifies me. But I'm a total scaredy cat.

And....tor all your mint chocolate perfume needs.

slouchy said...

This photo is gorgeous.

Magpie said...

Pretty. I'd like now to eat it.