Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Driving Through

The afternoon sky was strewn with billowy clouds quilted to the unfiltered blue of the afternoon. The hills roll over and over one another in straw colored tumbles tied together with knots of barbed wire fence, moving in a solid rambling gate. You can almost feel the earth exhale and the trees stretch their bare fingers as a warm spring day settles into the calm of evening.

The gentle, constant pull of the earth from one season to the next has been a comfort for me, even when I was small. An intentional waltz and if I were paying attention, I may get asked to dance. I suppose this is why it's so important to me to wear sensible shoes.


In the heavy, gray days of late winter, I forgot how to dance, entirely. I have been a steely-eyed passenger, lashed soundly to the ground as I consider the places I've come from. Someday I'll let those stories loose. Someday. For today, I might just run barefoot through the early whispers of spring here in the thin air.

Domestic (A Project::6) On the road. These pictures were taken on my way home and back again.